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Welcome to Chuck's Sports Page. Here will be posted information about my deer hunting, fishing and scuba diving interests from my assortment of hobbies and/or similar links of interet.

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XYZ Deercamp 2008

Welcome to the XYZ hunting camp's 2008 season.
Located in the "Beautiful Woodlawns of Gurdon"
Muzzleloading hunt. Oct 18th to 24th.

Grandson, Carter joined us on Sunday and was able to stay for a couple days. Here is the great hunter watching for deer from the stand.

Great times at the camp and good hunting as well. Saw lots of deer and Chuck connected with a seven pointer on the second day.

On Tuesday, Chuck shot a second deer and immediately went in search of a good tracker to assist in finding the animal.


Quite a prise and lots of good eating as well!

It was great being able to share experiences like this with a new generation of hunter. Be looking forward to sharing more great hunts in the future.

Our deer dogs
This is our vicious killer hunter dogs of 2007. We have to keep them at the ready, thus the protection from the cold here in camp.

As you can see they are prepared for a fight.

What was that "click"

Yeah, I heard it too.
Lets eliminate a big misconception. Deer hunting is not just about hunting deer! There is also the serenity of being in the woods on a cold morning with the noises of everyday so far behing.

Being out there and enjoying the quiet and viewing the things there takes much more of our time. The sights, sounds, flora, and fauna of the wild makes us appreciate God's creation.

Some of the other residents of the deer lease.

Deerstand Is Up

Deer Stand from South access

09/12/07 This is my "home away from home" for the fall. 4x4 and looks like a privy on stilts, but it is weather tight and located in a really nice looking spot.

Also included a couple of views from within. There are four good shooting lanes visible from the three primary windows. Now all I need is to figure out how the heck to get my bush hog in there to mow the weeds.

West View
South View

Report from local newspaper

(Click for larger view)
Clipping from the Gurdon Weekly Garbage Wrapper 11-11-07

Local Deer Spots UFO?
Ima Doe Deer of East Wheelen Springs reported the sighting of a UFO last night. "It was freaken wierd" she said. "Danged thing had three eyes and they was all different colors. Thought it was Rudolf at first, but it was even stranger than that little pest. There goes the whole durned neighborhood!"

Other reports indicate this might have been a sighting of the infamous " Gurdon Lights". Or as sometimes called, "The Ghost Lights of Arkansas".

We sent out our star reporter Dosie Whitetail to sniff out the real story and she reported that the place smelled of something really strange.
"I can't really prove that thing was a UFO, but something certainly happened out there," she reported. "Be sure I will get to the bottom of this!"

Dosie's cousin Daisy also saw the lights. According to her "It was a real eye opening experience." She promised to aid in the search for the truth.
"I assure that we will look high and low until we have found this thing." Daisy said. Unfortunately as of press time there has been little found to add.

Baby Deer here appeared traumatized by the incident. "I-I-I d-d-don't know w-w-what to think of it. I n-never s-saw anything l-like that before. I w-was so s-scared I couldn't eat m-my greens", she said.
The Douciere sisters, Debbie and Donna would not comment on the incident. They both stated they didn't want to get involved. Donna Douciere hinted that they might have received threats should they tell what they had seen.

You can't blame them for only wanting to protect their families.

Dosie questioned Bambi at some length, but he added little to clarify the initial report. Dosie considered the questioning of him a dead end.

According to Dosie he was an annoying pain that was interested only in food and sex. "I have never been hit on so many times in such a short time. He would only eat or stare at my behind. That rutin' pig!", stated Dosie, "I don't think he really saw those lights at all."

Unfortunately others initially questioned could add little to the story. The Ringtail brothers were unable to help. "Naw, we didn't see nothin,' and we were out there all night." they both stated.

Regardless of the lack of information we have found so far you can be sure we will leave no leaf unturned until we get to the bottom of this.

The Wrapper