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Welcome to Chuck's Picture Page.  Here will be posted pictures of interest . . . (to me anyway) . . . from my assortment of  hobbies and/or links of interest for hunting, fishing, scuba diving, muzzleloading, and whatever other fun pastime I can come up with.  If you have a suggestion, give me a buzz.

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This is my Savage ML10-II muzzleloader with its A1 Optic 3-12x50 scope. Soon I will receive a Pac-Nor.40 cal barrel for it so I can use it sabotless!
You'd think that scope was kinda strong for a muzzy, but using 5 - 6 power for hunting and 12x on the bench sure is nice. Bright sight picture makes it easy to identify bucks in early morning and late evening light. So far it has held up well to the "generous" recoil of the Savage. All that and the price was really easy on my pocket book as well!
It was really hard to line up the camera to take picture through the scope, but wanted to show what the picture looks like with and without a deer in the crosshairs. This was about 100 yards out. I think about at 6x power.

The second picture was a bit out of focus for the camera as it was taken just at dark and the camera could not get the focus very well. It was dark enough that this deer was getting hard to see with the naked eye against that background. Showed up pretty well in the scope though.

That little deer was really lucky he was too small to hear the Savage's roar. I will be back to check him out next year.

This is a picture of the mount. I used two Weaver Grand Slam extended mounts with the rings supplied with the scope. The very short mounting area on the scope was too short to match up with standard mounts.
The following pictures show the fit of the LimbSaver (part no.10111 I think) recoil pad to the Savage plastic stock. It is not perfect, but a pretty good fit for a utility rifle.

Click on the picture to see a larger image.

Trail Cam Pics

A camera and a trail cam add a lot of fun to the deer camp. One of the initial things you notice is the effect you get of the eyes from the flash of the trail camera at night.

Pileated Woodpecker

Wild Turkeys

Savage/Pac-Nor .40

This is my Savage ML10-II muzzleloader with its new Pac-Nor .40 cal barrel. You will notice the rod holder is absent. I have not decided on what to do about that yet.

This is my first 100yd target with the new "40". More to come!! This was with light loads of only 38gr of H322 with a .060/.416 vegie fiber wad and a 180gr .400 XTP and CCI 209 primer. Recoil was very light.

Some other similar loads of 45gr of H322 printed several inches lower. Recoil was greater, but still would be quite "light" by Savage ML1-II standards.

This shows the finish of the end of the barrel. It has a slight dished contour that helps a bit in pouring the powder down it. The beaded satin overall finish is very pleasing and certainly cuts down on that stainless shine.

This shows the new bedding. I used JB Weld with Johnson paste floor wax for the release agent. Play dough dammed off areas to be protected from the bedding material. I cut a piece of oak to fit the clip hole so the amount of actual bedding material required was low. I bedded the recoil lug, but put one layer of electrical tape around the outside and the front of it so it would release easily.

The new "40" required some modified rod attachments to complete the deal. I used my belt sander to "turn down" first the famous Savage "noodle rod" and then the jags. One end of the rod was just a bit too big to fit in the 40, the other end worked fine as it was.

Then I did the same with a .45 jag (bottom of the picture) and a couple .50 jags above. The third from the bottom is an original .50 bullet seating end with the modified one to fit the "40" right below it. These worked just great, and since I already had them lying around, the price was right!

Chuck Chatham
Royal, AR USA

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