Cozumel 2003
Cozumel has to be one of the best all around dive trip locations anywhere!

Lots of things to do for both divers and non-divers. Great diving, good food, nice places to stay, shopping in quaint little shops, easy access to the mainland for day trips, choice of good dive operators and available equipment, and easy air access from the US. 

Definitely one of my favorite all time dive location for all around fun.

Queen Angel

San Francisco Beach
In town the beaches are are mostly rocky shorelines with little sand.  OK for snorkeling, but not much for swimmers. 

Just out of town are some fine beaches with nice sand and enough rock to make them interesting.   San Francisco Beach is the greatest!  Great for snorkeling, swimming, or sun-bathing with vendors available to provide food, beverages as well as beach supplies and rental activities for the active vacationer.

2008 Update

October 21st, 2005 hurricane Wilma, the strongest storm ever recorded in the Atlantic region struck the island of Cozumel causing extreme damage to the international docks and the waterfront.

Since then there has been extensive reconstruction and the waterfront in the area of the town of San Miguel is even more beautiful than before.

Both Puerta Langosta and the International Pier have been restored and the cruise ships are parked there once more.

Once again Cozumel is a desirable vacation destination, and as you can see from the number of the ships docked there, very popular with the cruise ships.

Streets and sidewalks, already under renovation before the storm hit, have been attractively repaired eliminating the rough streets and walkways of pre-Wilma days.

If you did not know, you would be hard pressed to know that such a devastating storm was in Cozumel's recent past.

The San Maguel waterfront, Feb 2008