Carnival Cruise 02/17-24/08

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The Ship - - Carnival Conquest

When we arrived we loaded into the Carnival Conquest in Galveston. A large ship, beautifully decorated throughout. We arrived early and Check In was quick and easy.

In the main lobby we were amazed at the beautiful paintings on the ceilings and walls through the atrium that extended some 9 stories above us.

After gawking at the beautiful decorations and the spectacular view of the elevators going up and down for nine stories above us we did what you do on a cruise ship. We went to the buffet!

When we arrived this musical group playing lovely classical music in the lobby. The elevators, seen in the adjacent picture came down just behind the group.

After lunch we decided had to take a tour around the ship.


On board we found a wide array of restaurants, shops, outdoor and indoor pools, hot tubs, even a miniature golf course!


Parked right behind us was the Royal Caribbean ship, the Voyager of the Seas honoring Texas with a gigantic pair of longhorns.

Each time we passed through the atrium we had to stop again and gawk at the beautiful paintings.

Departure - We Bid Goodbye to Galveston

As the ship pulled out, we were treated to the sights of the attractions along the Galveston harbor shoreline. Here is one of the museums and a three masted sailing ship.
Work boats abound in the busy seaport of Galveston. 
 The Point Bolivar ferry approaching the dock with the Red Carpet Inn (yellow building) where we spent our first two nights before boarding the cruise ship.  Last point of beach as we exited the channel into the Gulf.

Fun On Board

In addition to the standard "mint on the pillow," each day on board we were
treated to the company of these cute little towel animals when we returned to our room.

Chuck's Favorite Spot - - Lenka's Karaoke Bar


Our first stop of the trip was Jamaica
We took the a tour to the Dunns River Falls.

Dunns River Falls, Jamaica 02/20/08


These are pictures from the tour to Duns River Falls with our group. It is a beautiful gentle waterfall that people hike up in groups. Visitors from many years ago said it was with no commercialism when they first visited in the 80s, but today it is a huge tourist gaggle with loads of vendors and tour guides that help travelers up the falls - - for a substantial tip of course.

Is this lady Italian?

One of my favorite pictures of the trip.


Grand Cayman

On this our second stop Carol took the cruise tour to StingRay City and the Turtle Farm.
I went scuba diving at Devil's Grotto instead. We both had a great time and are
looking forward to another trip to Grand Cayman. Have a few pictures of the waterfront here.
This is where our tender took us to shore right in the center of George Town. About two hundred yards down the beach here is the dive shop and the beach entry to the Devil's Grotto where I dove with a young couple from the ship.

The waterfront at George Town.



We were very impressed with the rebuilding of Cozumel since hurricane Wilma in 2006. Wilma was the strongest storm ever recorded in the Atlantic area and it attacked Cozumel with a vengeance. In only two years the seafront has been repaired and the streets which were under renovation before the hurricane have now been completed in a lovely manner.

We visited several of the quaint little places in San Miguel that we had enjoyed in previous trips and found them all still in operation. The pastry shop a couple blocks north east of the square was still there and still had the most delightful temptations. The square was even more lovely than we remembered and we wished we could be there for their Sunday evening town dances that we have enjoyed in the past.

Both cruise docks, Puerto Langosta and the International pier are back in operation and our Carnival ship did not have to be tendered. I did not hear from snorkelers about the shallow sites along the beaches but the scuba divers with our group said that the deeper reefs where they visited was beautiful and showed little lasting effect from the storm. The people there were just as friendly and inviting as we remembered and we are anxious to get back down there to visit again soon.

Our Last Fun Day at Sea

Enjoying midnight Pizza on board

Just sitting around the pools

Tripping the

Light Fantastic

Visiting with new friends

Carol even got to learn the

Cha-cha from one of the members

of the ship's dance troop.

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