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Welcome to Chuck's Powder Vials Page.  This documents the powder vials I have offered on several boards for muzzleloaders. These are very convenient for both shooters taking them to the range and for hunters. I have found them especially convenient to drop into a pocket to go to the stand.

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Powder Vials
Pricing Effective 03/05/2017

NEW: 2.5 ml vials for Duplex shooters or you can get a mix of the 5ml & 2.5ml if you like. 2.5 ml caps - white or red as available!

For some time I have offered powder vials that fit the needs of both smokeless and BP muzzleloaders. These are plastic 5ml and 10ml sample vials as used in the medical industry. They are great for taking loads to the range or stand. The lids are both water and air tight and loads stay fresh even for long periods of storage or hauling around in your pants or jacket pocket. Both sizes are pictured to the left here. I killed a deer this year with a load, powder and primer, that was left in my stand for three years so I know they are very reliable for extended periods.

The five different color coded caps are handy for separating different loads and you can write on an area on the side of the vials.

The 5ml vials will hold up to about 85 grains of 4759, or about 110 grains of Pyrodex. (5ml is usually preferred by smokeless shooters)

The 10ml vials will hold in excess of 150gr of BP / Pyrodex or similar BP substitutes. (10ml vials often preferred by BP shooters)

I often put a saboted bullet in the 5ml vials pointing down and put the powder on top to use them like speed loaders. The 5ml vials will hold 44 grains of 4759 with a 250g XTP and the 50/45 sabot which works great for my Savage 10ML. Very handy to have a load of powder with sabot and bullet in a single container that you can drop in your pocket, or your bag to go to the deer stand.

These vials are shipped in a random mix of the five colors of caps as shown here on the right. If you prefer a specific color mix I will try to package them as you like subject to availability of the colors.

You can also put a couple of saboted 250g XTPs in one 5ml vial. However you choose to use them, you can readily see the contents which lessens the chance of making mistakes. They measure 2 3/8" high and 9/16" dia.

left "speed loader" bullet with powder
red cap 10gr starter load for "duplex"
right (2) bullets with sabots

The "10 ml" vials are the same diameter and 3 5/8" high and have room for a full 150 plus gr load of pyrodex (white lid vial). They will also hold an XTP 250 with sabot and 120 grains of Pyrodex (red lid vial) or a saboted bullet with up to about 90 grains of smokeless powder as shown in the yellow lid vial.
They will also hold three 250 to 300 gr bullets with sabots as pictured here in the green lid vial.

They are also quite useful for storing of other small items that need to be kept dry.

If you are interested in some of these you can pay for them through PayPal to my e-mail account using the purchase buttons on this page or you can also mail payment to me at P.O. Box 62, Royal, AR 71968. Personal check, or money order is fine.

5ml vials: (US $)
Optional Insurance - $1.75 extra


10ml vials: (US $)
Optional Insurance - $1.75 extra

Price includes mailing them in a padded envelope to US addresses with a return receipt verifying delivery. (Due to recent postal rate increases and lost shipments I can no longer mail to Canada. I can only ship to US addresses at this time.)

NOTICE: I cannot be responsible for items lost in the mail. If you desire insurance to protect in that unlikely event, it will be $1.75 per order extra.


2.5ml vials and Duplex Special Mix Packages
For the duplex shooter, a mix of 5ml and 2ml vials for those who use small loads of "booster" or "igniter" powders.. Left to right: 5ml with 70gr of IMR 4198, 2ml with 15gr 4759, 2.5ml empty, 5ml empty.

2 or 2.5ml vials: (US $)
These vials will hold aproximately 25gr of smokelesss powder. For duplex shooters who want a smaller vial to hold their igniter or booster loads. (white caps only)


5ml / 2.5 ml vials: (US $)

This is the prices for a mixture of 5ml and 2.5ml vials for one price.


I try to mail your order the first business day after receipt of payment whenever possible. I will mail them by US Postal Service with a return receipt to show delivery.

Price listed above includes mailing orders in a padded envelope to US addresses. I can only mail to US addresses.)

NOTICE: I cannot be responsible for items lost in the mail. If you desire insurance to protect in that unlikely event, it will be $1.75 per order extra for US addresses.

Insurance - $1.75 per order:

Chuck Chatham
P.O. Box 62
Royal, AR 71968 USA